The Lilitab Standard 1.5 iPad kiosk

lilitabThe lilitab Standard 1.5 iPad kiosk is perfect for curb-side check-in, mobile events, or simply placing in your venue wherever there’s no power outlet. It has the most tightly integrated magnetic stripe reader on the market, with no exposed cables or flimsy attachments that can break off

The Standard is manufactured from powder-coated steel, strongly securing your iPad against theft or tampering. The powder-coated finish is the hardest baked-on paint finish available, nearly impervious to chips and scratches. It’s the lightest, most portable iPad kiosk on the market weighing less than 20 lbs.

It has a solid steel lock-point at the rear of its base, so it can be secured with a Kensington lock. For more permanent installations, the Standard’s base can be bolted to the floor with nothing visible or accessible.

The lilitab Standard 1.5 iPad kiosk features:

  • TILT. iPad can be tilted up & down +/- 22.5° (can be fixed in place at any angle).
  • LANDSCAPE or PORTRAIT. The head unit can be attached in either landscape or portrait orientation to suit your deployment.
  • SUPER STRONG. The head unit is manufactured from ABS, one of the strongest plastics available (typically used in automotive bumpers and motorcycle helmets).
  • RADIO TRANSPARENT. There’s no metal in the head unit, so it’s completely radio-transparent to your iPad’s various signals (WiFi, 3G, and Bluetooth). That gives you maximum range and data throughput.
  • SECURE. Silicone pads cradle your iPad against bumps and knocks. Four high-security screws hold your iPad in place. And a Kensington lock point adds extra security.
  • UPGRADEABLE. You can use the lilitab Standard with any iPad model (including future models) simply by changing out two internal supports.
  • CONVENIENT. You never have to remove the iPad to recharge it. Power is handled inside the enclosure, via a pass-through port. Just plug the kiosk into the wall for all-day power.

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    We are using MobiLock iPad kiosk mode functionality to run our iPad in single app mode. Our customer only access apps that are enabled.

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