Top 5 Simple Tips For Event Planning

Top 5 Event TipsOur mission today was to scour the internet and collect the top 5 simple, most amazing, brilliant, best ever, event tips for our readers. And that we have done! Below for your edification, and in no particular order, is the best of the best!

– Start Early: When planning a large event such as a wedding reception, important business seminar, anniversary party, bar or bat mitzvah, start planning as soon as possible. Most venues will take reservations a year or more in advance, and many book up quickly. Plan early to reserve the space that best fits your event on the date that’s right for you. Via University Club

Organize, Organize, Organize: While the formal definition is the act of rearranging elements following one or more rules. A planner’s organization is centered on assigning responsibilities for each component of the event to others or to themselves Be aware of each person’s strengths and assign the task as appropriate. Producing the results you want for your event takes talent, teamwork and commitment to mastering time management so that no minute goes unchecked, no idea is bypassed and no personal or professional learning or growth opportunity is missed. Via 

Knowledge: Know who your target audience is and how you are going to reach them. Via InAnyEventUK

Be The Brand: Your event is an ambassador of your brand so make sure that every element of the event reflects the brand, from the invitations right through to the décor. Moreover, think creatively – don’t just stick a poster of your company logo on the wall. Via Keith Prowse

Follow Up:  Once the event has been and gone, people will forget you. Therefore all the hard work and resource you put into the above is gone, wasted and forgotten. That is unless you do a follow up. Organise a mailing or an e-mail campaign 2 days after the event. Call up prospects after the mailing. Get the conversations going again. Send more freebies in the post to prospects (chocolates work well) and ensure that everyone that visited was scanned (events normally provide scanners so you can see anyone that you have scanned and grab their contact information) Via ManagingBlog

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