Google Glass To Help In The Future Of Healthcare

136507711It would seem that we have reached a cusp in time where our technological fantasies are slowly starting to become reality. The sci-fi dreams that we had when we watched Star Trek and Star Wars and beginning to come to fruition, albeit slowly, but surely. Take Google Glass for example. Although there are a few proposed uses for the new Google Glass and what it will be able to do, there are a few other uses that are  being looked at for the new Google tech. The new Google Glass is now starting to see practice and use within the world of healthcare, whether it be medical, or in the OR.

There has been a release of a new proof of concept for proposed usage that shows how the Google Glass might work in a medical setting. The proof of concept and multiple interviews have shown the possible uses within the healthcare world, such as one on one conversations with other medical staff, recording video of surgeries for research purposes, and even bringing up statistics on a patient. With all of the proposed uses that could be seen in the healthcare application of Google Glass, it seems almost inevitable to have this type of technology being used to help further medicine and its advances.

Now that Google Glass has shown use in other areas other than basic consumer use, we can only assume that Google has a few other big plans for their new “glasses”. While the new product is still shrouded in speculation, this is a huge leap forward for the new tech as it already has an expanded market to cater to. This market is also a market that will spare no expense, so they have larger advantage should “smart glasses” become the next big tech fashion statement to storm the markets. After everything has been said and done though, it can’t be argued that Google Glass’s conjunctive efforts in the medical field will surely help the product and company shine through harder, faster, and earlier than many other types of tech that may come out and mimic it. Keep on the lookout because Google doesn’t seem like they are messing around with this.

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