Philips Hue Lighting System More Than Just A Lightbulb

152508894It can be very difficult to keep up with all the new home furnishings when you are always on the go, or are too busy being a tech geek like me. It is always nice to come home to a nice 4K TV, a new gaming console, or any other tech that can make your home feel more up to date or new. Some of these things can actually make you feel more at home or make your home feel more “tech-y”, especially if the lighting is right. Now let me guess what you might be thinking. How could there be any way to make my house feel more tech geek friendly? Well Philips has the answer for you, and I won’t lie, it actually looks very cool. The new Philips Hue Lighting System gives you much more control over your home lighting than you think.So what exactly can this lighting system do? Well for starters the lighting system is completely wireless. The entirety of the systems functions are done directly via the iPhone app that is supposed to be installed with the purchase of the product. The product can work with up to 50 bulbs per bridge and basically gives you the ability to set the mood lighting for every bulb in the house, or office, as you see fit. With three “pin” working on a “scene” in the app, you can drag and drop the pin on any part of a picture or “scene” and the light will seemingly match the color and brightness with no effort at all. Each light bulb can be independent from each other or it can be something that the light bulbs match each other. The fact that this app and lighting system also has preset “moods” and light tones that can help relax, focus, energize, and read is pretty spectacular as well, if not hard to believe.

The product overall seems pretty flashy if nothing else (no pun intended), but there could be some practical uses for it other than home mood lighting. Using the “concentrate” mood light setting in the office work space could be something that would seem beneficial for overall productivity, if it works as well as it claims too. It can also make a boring office meeting something a bit more lively, especially during that sales pitch you’ve been working on for the past month now. The only set backs being the $270 starting price tag along with each additional bulb being around $90. That and the fact that both the phone and lights need to be under the same Wi-Fi connection to work properly and be controlled. Not really what I would look for in price but I can see some practical use at home and at the office if utilized correctly. Just be ready to empty your wallet on light bulbs if you do.

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