Quarter-Sized GPS Device Completely Solar Powered

network solution rentalsHow many times have you lost your phone, your car keys, your wallet, or basically anything that you may need to survive? If you are anything like me, it has happened more times than you necessarily care to let the rest of the world know. But, what if there was a way to track all of these easy-to-lose items? What if there were a small GPS tracker that could be attached to these things and make your life much, much easier? Well, as luck would have it, Retrievor has made that a reality. The best part being, that it is solar-powered, and thus is self charging. Yup! you don’t even need to worry about charging this new and extremely small GPS device. So lets find out just how practical this new product could actually be.

With the new Retrievor being only about as big as one quarter and as thick as 4 stacked quarters, this little gadget could be place onto whatever you made need and be seemingly “out of the way”. After placing the tracker into a book bag or a purse, or even attaching it to a key chain, dog collar, or your loved ones (yes I said loved ones), the tracker will be able to use space satellite GPS tracking to locate whatever the device has been attached to, within 4 to 10 feet supposedly. After the tracker has been set up, it can be traced via the app downloaded to either iPhones or Android phones. A web browser is also an option should your phone be the thing that is actually lost. The ability to set boundaries on the tracker is also a nice little feature. Should the device leave a certain preset area, a text or alert can be sent to the users phone and let the user know that whatever the device is attached to has left the preset area.

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With solar power being the power being this quarter sized little toy, it is pretty plain to see the good use and practicality of this device. Now that everything seems to be getting smaller and slimmer, losing your belongings, or even your pets or children could be not only detrimental, but life changing. So how much are looking at to get this kind of safety granted to us? Well unless you were able to snag some of the deals that were listed on the sights indiegogo campaign, the set listing price will start at $299, along with a monthly subscription fee of $1.79 to keep your Retrievor linked up to the satellite. This could be a small price to pay in order to keep your pets and children safe, or from losing your phone at that gas station 50 miles back. I would definitely keep my eyes out for this new spy-sized gadget.

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