10 Apps to Help Run Your Business

166843228These days, there is an app for just about everything under the sun. The app market is so crowded that you might not even know where to start, so how can you be expected to know which apps are right for you? Here are 10 apps that will make your live a lot easier while running your business.

1. Evernote.
This is one of the most popular apps on the entire market. Evernote has progress way beyond classic note taking. Evernote’s extended family includes Penultimate, which is a handwriting app for taking notes on a tablet; Web Clipper, which allows you to clip pages like coupons; Peek, a study aid that works like note cards; and then Skitch, and image mark up too. This is a free app, but you can pay $5 a month for premium features. Evernote is for the Android operating system.

2. Tempo.
If your smartphone is Batman, then this is your Batman’s Robin. Tempo is the evolution of your typical every day paper calender. It links calender events to related emails and attachments for pending appointments, presents you with directions to the location of your next meeting, and even pulls up email and phone info for some last minute coordination with your contacts. Tempo is 100 percent free for iOS.

3. Xero.
This app is way more than just a typical Quikbooks rip off. It is like an accountant for the cloud. Xero, the money managing web app allows you to link with banks, customers and online payment services like PayPal. It also monitors payroll and budgeting software as you grow. The cost for Xero is $19 to $39 per month and it is available for Android, iOS, OS X, and Windows.

4. Feedly.
Are you really sad about the fate of Google Reader? Feedly, a news aggregator app, gathers the latest articles from your favorite blogs and web publications. It can also grab your favorite podcasts or YouTube channels that you are subscribed to. This is a free app for Android, iOS, or you can use it on your web browser!

5. Sleep Cycle.
How many times have you been getting the best sleep ever, and your alarm clock just isn’t quite enough? Sleep Cycle has the answer, and it’s also one of the coolest apps ever, by the way. This alarm clock app uses motion sensors to analyze your sleep patterns! Then it uses that information to wake you up during the lightest phases of your sleep. All you do is pick a half hour window in which you would like to wake up and the app takes control from there. Sleep Cycle costs 99 cents (well worth it, if not just for the cool factor) and is available for iOS.

6. Brewster.
Like the Tempo app works with your calendar, Brewster works the same way with you contact book. This contact organization app pulls from all of your different social profiles and your phone’s address book to compile an in depth list of everyone you know. After that, it helps you to keep in touch with all of them. Using a priority ranking system based on your own interactions, Brewster lets you know when you haven’t made contact for a while. This lets you balance it all, from reaching out to potential investors or costumers, to remembering birthdays, anything! Brewster is free for Android and iOS.

7. Seatguru.
This is a really neat app for flying. Seatguru has in depth maps of different air crafts made, maintained, and updated by people like you. It can show you where the nearest power outlet is on your plane in case your phone is dying, where you can find a little extra leg room on the flight, all kinds of neat things! This app is currently in beta, and is free for Android and iOS.

8. Wi-Fi Finder.
Probably a harder task than finding a power outlet or extra leg room: Finding some free Wi-Fi! The title for the app is very fitting, because Wi-Fi Finder does just that. It gives you a map of all the nearest public Wi-Fi hotspots! So now you can track down a free internet connection even when you are on the go. Wi-Fi Finder is a free app available on Android and iOS.

9. SideCar.
If you aren’t super in to car pooling then you might want to think about all the perks and re consider. Think about all of the perks: Vetted local drivers, it’s faster than a taxi service, and the payment system is donation based. You can also feel great about leaving a smaller carbon footprint. SideCar allows you to search and find local drivers, book a ride with them and even pay for your travel all in one app. The cost of this app seems to vary, but it is available on Android and iOS.

10. Applause.
Now days it seems like there is literally an app for everything that you could ever think of. You can even find apps for finding the best apps, which may sound a little ridiculous, but check this out: Applause is a web app that measures how satisfied users are with different apps, and the quality of the apps. This helps you stay connected with the latest and greatest software tools so that you can keep taking care of all of your needs the best way possible. This is a great app for keeping all of your devices up to date. The cost is free and you can use it on your web browser.

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