New Galaxy Grand 2 Launched From Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2It may be a bit early to classify anything as real “last minute shopping”, especially for a bit more pricey purchases. It is not too late for some companies to come out and give a little bit more to their consumers and loyal fans. Any well established company knows that having options throughout the year, especially during the busy holiday season can be a tremendous help, if not a god-send in some cases. It can be very difficult to navigate throughout the many different mobile devices that are coming out in such a short time span. It seems that every year during the holiday season rush, it becomes a lot more difficult to figure out what could be an excellent gift or just a good addition to your personal and work life that might make things a bit easier. Samsung has been very capable of doing this this past year and has no shortage of products for its customers.

We now welcome Samsung’s brand new Galaxy Grand 2, the successor to the original Galaxy Grand.

Now there may not be to many bells and whistles on the new Galaxy Grand 2, but it is far from just another “phone”. Samsung has been known to deliver larger scale phones for its consumers. Take the Samsung Galaxy Mega, which was classified as the biggest smartphone ever to be created. Measuring in at 5 and a quarter inches, it is not far off from is 6.3 inch cousin, the Galaxy Mega. This large screen is not just there to take up space in your pocket though. The 5.25 inch screen will also be boasting a 1280 x 720 TFT pixel display. It comes standard with a 1.2GHz quad-core processor and 1.5 gigabytes of RAM. For those of you that may not know, this means good load times for your phone so long as you are not trying to run 15 apps at one time. The new Galaxy Grand 2 will also be sporting an 8 mega-pixel camera and 8 gigs of expandable storage. Of course, microSD cards will be necessary for the expanded storage.

Keep that expandable storage, alone, in mind for any that may be on the look out for iPhone’s. Remember that Apple doesnt offer their iPhones with expandable storage, so if you get an 8GB iPhone, you are stuck with the 8GB storage and cannot expand it.

Overall the new Galaxy Grand 2 is not meant to be the company’s trump card. It is more so directed at expanding the company’s already growing product line and being a good, well functioning mid-range smartphone. Options are always better to choose from. Perfect for anyone that is starting to become familiar with smartphones and would like to upgrade a little more slowly than the rest of the pack. It can be difficult to truly feel a desperate need to pick up a new smartphone, especially if you may already have one picked out for that techie in your family or group of friends. This new smartphone could be an excellent companion to any businessman’s repertoire.

The new Galaxy Grand 2 does not have a fixed price or release date yet, but stay tuned for a full review when the time comes for its release. Happy shopping fellow techies!

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