Apple Buys Out Motion Sensor Company – What’s The Plan?

Once again Apple has bought out a small technology company for new projects in the works. It has been reported that Apple has purchased the 3-D sensor company, PrimeSense for $360 million USD. PrimeSense is an Israel-based small company that specializes in sensors that people can interact with by certain devices by waving their hands. It is the same company that helped build Microsoft’s popular motion system, Kinect, for the Xbox 360 that launched back in 2010.

Apple has been planning this deal with PrimeSense since July, and the final deal was sealed for $360 million just recently. Apple has been well known to buy out small technology companies they know they can make a giant profit from in the future by getting ahead of the game with new upcoming advances in devices or better yet, new Apple products.

The immediate purchase of PrimeSense stirred up many thoughts for many about what Apple might have in mind. So, what’s Apple planning on doing next?

The company may be thinking a number of things from new gaming ideas on iPads, a new way to interact on devices, or the rumored Apple TV set. The television supposedly has been in the works for years, but no one has come out and admitted to any factual evidence that this will be the latest trend coming our way in the future. The only known information was released in September, stating that Apple was testing motion-sensor technology for television products. Could this be the new future groundbreaking hit for Apple?

As of now, PrimeSense and Apple have reported no further details about their purchase or future plans.


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