New “Smarty Ring” Could Be The New “Smart Watch”

smarty ringFashion is ever changing. We have seen this as the years have gone by. But, much like fashion, technology too, is every changing. Both are ever advancing and making different strides. Recently we have seen both start to integrate themselves closer together in an attempt to mesh. While yes we have seen some of the graphic t-shirt that can plug into an mp3 player and light up the shirt based off of the levels of the music. We have seen electronic belt buckles that display words and phrases in marque fashion. More recently, we have seen larger tech companies, such as Samsung, walk into this realm of “wearable tech”. The Samsung Galaxy Gear is the first “smartwatch” to be seen on the mass market from a larger electronics company, and was met with mixed results. There was a recent article on the “Ring Clock” as well which looks oddly reminiscent of this new “Smarty Ring” that is currently in the design process right now.

Wearable tech is becoming the new trend as we have seen with the smartwatches and some of the new “smart glasses” as well, such as the ever popular Google Glass. The new Smarty Watch, is looking to make its mark on the wearable tech home front, and make its new home on your finger. The ring is able to wirelessly connect to your mobile device and bring your updates, directly to your ring. It is able to notify you of chat alerts, incoming text, can be used as a clock, track your phone, and many other functions. All in all, it looks to be a more useful device than many of the other wearable tech devices we have seen recently. The wireless connectivity feature does require Bluetooth 4.0 capabilities for it to work with your device.

The good thing about this ring is that unlike the galaxy gear smartwatch, this ring offers the same concept in a smaller package, and can be used with either iOS or Android OS. That means it can be used for your phone or tablet, as long as the device has either of these operating systems and is Bluetooth 4.0 capable.

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The battery life on here is said to be, by the developers, up to 24 hours on a full charge. Quite the batter for something so small. The ring comes with a wireless charging pad that is able to be used with your phone as well.  The ring also makes it capable to control your music, turn on your camera, accept or reject an incoming call, and much more.

Find all of the functions on the product’s IndieGoGo page.

The funding is not looking good for the product as there is only about $8,200 out of the $40,000 goal with only 3 days left. There could be many reasons for this as well. As with any product, there needs to be a sense of practicality to justify a demand within the market. If a consumer deems it as unnecessary or not useful, the product is doomed to fail. Overall the product may be one of the better pieces of wearable tech in development right now.

The “Smarty Ring” is slated to be priced at $275 retail price. Be on the look out for a full review when this product drops next year in April.

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