The Ninja Sphere Keeps Track of Your Home or Office When You Can’t


This elegant, modern, sculpture-like device is called the Ninja Sphere. It’s not a decoration for the modern home, it is actually a piece of equipment designed to control almost anything in your house or office, and almost any situation that you could think of.

High-tech security systems can do a lot to make your home safer, but how safe can they actually be? What can they do? My guess is that most of them can’t tell you when someone is in your home and trying to steal a specific item. That’s what the Ninja Sphere can do.

The Ninja Sphere features LED lights, built in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It can help you keep track of literally anything in your home. You can put a Bluetooth tag on your pets if you want and the Ninja Sphere will track everywhere they would go. You can even get alerts when small or large objects in your home or business are being moved. It can also help you manage your home by alerting you if you accidentally leave your lights on or forget to turn off your heater!

All of this tracking is made possible thanks to a process called ‘trilateration’. Trilateration  uses 3 or more signals that overlap to pinpoint the location of objects in the home. Algorithms within the gadget actually measure the space of your home and everything inside of it, and even measures where the sphere sits in relation to all of these items.

You can use the device to keep track of anything with any off the shelf type of Bluetooth tag like Stick n’ Fine or TileApp. If you get alerted about something that seems odd to you, you can then decide what you want to do next. If you’d like to see what’s going on, you can tell the Ninja Sphere to take a picture and send it to you. You can even program it to do that automatically if you want, or choose how it automatically reacts to any situation that you’d like.

The Ninja sphere is an open source device, and users can pair it and use it with other devices. It is currently designed to work with an app, but the company says that they eventually want to make it work on its own and only use the app for the initial setup.

There is currently a Kickstarter campaign for the production of the device. The initial goal that they set was $115,000 Australian dollars and they have already more than doubled that. Anyone who pledges $199 Australian dollars, or about $182 American dollars will receive their own Ninja Sphere. The Kickstarter campaign ends on Janurary 11 and the Spheres are said to start shipping out in June 2014.

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