The Top Laptops For Gamers

78817989Laptops are not only used for for work, but also can be used for active gamers. Laptops offer gamers a chance to finally be mobile whenever free time is available.

If you’re looking to invest in a personal laptop for gaming, you’ll have to find your personal preference whether it may be how heavy the laptop weighs, or the battery life. Also, think about if you want it to be strictly a gaming laptop, or if you will be using it for multiple activities.

Most gamers go for the screen quality in the laptop and how long the battery will last without being charged. Whether you need a long lasting battery for a World of Warcraft raid or a more flexible machine for work related storage capacity, here are a few laptops to keep in mind:

Alienware 18:

It’s the highest quality gaming laptop by Dell computers. Starting around $2,000 this laptop will surely not disappoint any gamer. There are a few versions of Alienware laptops. The most common is the Alienware 18. It features 8GB memory with a 750GB hard drive that also uses Windows 7. Every detail is engineered to give you the most intense gaming experience!

Macbook Pro with Retina Display:

Macbook Pro laptops are incredibly thin and easy to carry on the go. The high retina display is truly stunning. The 13-inch model has over 4 million pixels, while the 15-inch screen has 5 million pixels packed in to its screen to create an amazing picture. The pixel density is so high that images take on a new level of realism. The retina display reduces glares while maintaining great color and quality. Apple does not disappoint their consumers on incredible quality in their laptops. The Macbook Pro including retina display start at around $1,299 and go up to $1,799 depending on what features and storage capacity you prefer.

Razer Blade:

Razer Blade, named the thinnest gaming laptop is designed and engineered to fit form and function for all gamers. The 14-inch Razer Blade is the most common laptop gamers choose. It features a fully programmable anti-ghosting blacklist keyboard, ultra-sensitive track pack and plenty of USB 3.0 ports ready to plug and play. The Razer Blade starts at around $2,000 and may increase in price based upon what storage capacity you prefer.

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