Stylish Ways To Protect Your Tech!

149400453As humans, we are very accident prone. It is in our nature to make mistakes and break things. Some of us more so than others, such as yours truly, are extremely clumsy and can be quite the butterfingers. A lot of the time, it can happen with things we don’t necessarily care about. Things like pencils, papers, a piece of food, or something along those lines, slip from our hands every day and it is never that big of a deal. But what about the things that we do care about? How many times have you dropped your phone, only to watch the entirety of the event in slow motion in horror knowing full well there is nothing you can do to stop it, and hoping that the screen isn’t cracked by the time you pick it back up from the ground? All too many times if you are anything like me. Well there are some ways to protect this and other tech, and do it will style.

The laptop is a very sensitive piece of tech that many of us hold dear to us. It is our gateway to Facebook,  Twitter, emails, and Google. Might as well find a way to protect it right? Some laptop cases and sleeves can cost a fortune, but there are some ways to make your own DIY sleeves and keep your wallet from feeling too much pain. Giving some personality to laptop never hurt either.

Another good way to keep track of your tech and keep it safe is by coloring your charging cord. Lets face the facts people. It’s is 2014, everyone and their mother owns and iPhone, so it can be very difficult to differentiate between the endless array of white cords sometimes. Coloring your cord with paint, marking it with sharpie, or doing something along those lines will help you keep track of your own cord. There is already enough confusion in the world, so don’t let confusing your charging cord with someone else’s add to it.

Your phone or tablet can be the most precious lifeline you have to the outside world. The truth of the matter is, landlines have become a thing of the past. Cell phones are the only real way to get a hold of someone anymore. Keeping them protected is no laughing matter. While we are all aware of the OtterBox iPhone case, not many of us have $70 to drop on just a phone case. Some tablet covers are just that; covers, and nothing more. So therefore, we have different alternatives. Making your own pouch or case for your phone or tablet can really keep money in your pocket and give good protection as well.

Keeping your tech protected should always be top priority. Replacing your gadgets can add up very quickly should something happen to them, so it is always best and highly recommended to get a case for them. Especially if they are rental property. Renting laptops and tablets can put an ease on your wallet, but should the product break and it not be covered by the company, it comes out of your pocket. Keep your gear protected, and keep your money in your wallet.


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