Get Lighting, Sound Systems or Laptops for Your Next Play for a Truly Professional Ensemble


Have you ever been to a play? Have you ever been in a play? Well I have and I can say that there is a lot more technology involved in a play than you would expect. In addition to all the lighting and rigging, which are vital to setting the mood and ambiance of the play, you also have other integral pieces of equipment, like sound systems, microphone systems and even computers. All of these things are great by themselves but when you combine them you get a truly amazing experience.

Now, most theaters have their own systems in place to put on a show. Lights are already in place, sound systems are wired up and everything else is good to go. However, sometimes these things break down. Light bulbs burn out, speakers start making weird noises, the computer system you use to run everything crashes. Its times like these where a temporary piece of equipment could really save the day. is known primarily for renting temporary technology to professionals doing classroom training or conventions, though there are the occasions where professionals in the arts have a need for these very same things. Lights go out? No problem. Speakers stop working? Piece of cake. With you can get a replacement lighting system or sound system whenever and wherever you need it. has been in the technology rental industry for over 25 years. In that time, the professional Tech Travel Agents at RAC have handled literally any type of rental situation you could possibly imagine. This amount of experience in the industry allows you to have the confidence that you are dealing with a company that truly knows what its talking about.

Aside from lighting and sound system rentals, also offers things like computer and laptop rentals. These could be useful if you need an integrated computer system to help run the lighting and sound of your play. Having all the software on a computer can be a lot easier to run instead of using a complicated sound and lighting board.

The best thing about getting a computer, laptop, lighting or sound system from is that you only use it for however long you need it. Need a replacement piece for only a day or two? Done. Need something long term for maybe a series of shows? Even better. No matter what you need or how long you need it has a solution for you.

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