Tizen May Be The New Software For The Galaxy Gear 2

Those who are in power can only stay in power for so long. Much like the seasons change, so too must the placement of power between rival companies. As it has been recently, Apple still seems to be the top dog within the mobile tech company ranks. Samsung does aim to change that, but there is something that Apple has that Samsung has yet to develop: a reliable software and operating system. Apple has consistently used its own iOS for a very long time, but Samsung has been stuck with the Android OS. Samsung still has been ahead of the game with its wearable tech market. The Galaxy Gear was met with decent reception, even though it was very limited. However, Samsung might not be sticking with Android for the release of the Galaxy Gear 2.

During the release of the Galaxy Gear, the use of the software actually operating was very hard to recognize as Android. Since that time, the device has had its time to settle in with the consumer market. Now, that it has had time though, it should only be expected that the next-gen smartwatch from Samsung will be seen at the Unpacked 5 event next week in Barcelona. Although everyone will be looking out for the new Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung has also made plans to relase new wearables to add to its repertoire. We may see a few things at the event, but we shouldn’t expect to see the actual products till a few months from now.

With regard to the new software, we may see a new Tizen OS being run on many of the new emerging tech devices from the company. Tizen is Samsung’s own software. Samsung has seen how well Apple has done for themselves by utilizing their own software catered to their own devices and has definitely taken notice of this. Instead of sticking with Google’s Android software, Samsung plans to start utilizing its own software. They have noted that remaining a hardware company is simply not enough in today’s market. Samsung needs to begin offering different services and software components to couple with their products should they want to avoid the detrimental commoditizing of the mobile device world. In terms of rival companies like Apple utilizing their own software, and obviously seeing quite the profit margin from doing so , this could be a very smart decision for the company in the long run.

Samsung has even made talks for the Tizen powered smartphone to be released this February. As of late, there has been less chatter about the possible new product. It is still a possibility that we could be seeing this device at the Unpacked 5 event, but nothing has been confirmed yet. Samsung is definitely utilizing Tizen as an alternative software to Google’s Android, so now it is just a matter of time before we see just how well the new software will work in comparison to Android. One thing is definitely certain though. By pushing this new software, Samsung will be able to see the reception to the new software and introduce its customers to the new Tizen software on a smaller scale. We will find everything out next week at Unpacked 5.

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