The Mobile World Congress And Why You Should Be Paying Attention

dv1294001There are very few events and places that you can go to find some of the newest and best tech. Usually each particular convention that we see pop up annually is catered to a particular device, brand, or genre. Some of the bigger conventions, such as The E3 Expo and CES, offer the future of gaming and general tech, respectively. But how about a device that we use every single day of our lives? Yes, I’m talking about that precious, thin rectangle in your pocket. Our smartphones are our lifelines nowadays. Between Facebook, Twitter, and texting, we can’t be without them. Naturally there would be an event for smartphones right? Well it would only make sense for there to be one, and there is.

The Mobile World Congress is coming quickly and it looks to show off only the newest and best that the smartphone world has to offer. Truly this is the mother of all conventions when it comes to all things mobile. While the word “Congress” is in the name, the only thing political about this event will be the presidents’ faces on the money you will be throwing at the vendors. Why is this the conference to go to? Well think about this: all the major mobile device manufacturers in the same place throwing out their best of the best on a scale the size of a miniature CES. Everyone from Sony, to Samsung, to LG, and even Nokia will be at this year’s Mobile World Congress.

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Each respective company is going to be putting out their best, and this is where you caring comes into play. This is THE event to be at/watch for the the newest and best mobile tech. Everything from new smartphones, tablets, laptops, and even wearable tech will be there. The rumors have been spread everywhere about Samsung unveiling their new Samsung Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Gear 2 at the Unpacked event. LG has already revealed five new phones before even going into the event. Sony will more than likely be dropping a new smartphone, along with a new Xperia tablet. Nokia has been reported to be dropping an Android powered phone. So, needless to say, this Mobile World Congress should be even bigger and better than ever.

This is the perfect chance for vendors to get their products out there, go scouting for other tech and get notes, and get reactions to new products. There has to be a better way to accomplish this right? This is where tech rentals come in. This event only comes once a year. This is essentially the Christmas for all things mobile tech, so being able to capture it all and work to improve your products should be a top priority. By renting out vendor space coupled with something as easy as laptop or tablet rentals, you can easily track the data that you record to further progress your products, analyze reactions of all the convention goers, and gather tips and information from competitors. If you can take advantage of this, especially at a convention that is designed to further the advancements in the mobile technology that we use every day, it could greatly prepare you and your company for what is to come.

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