Move Over Spotify! Apple Is Trying To Dominate The Music Playing Field Again!

A corporate powerhouse by any other name may still be a powerhouse. Not quite sure what I’m talking about? A little company called Apple. Make sense now? Apple seems to dominate every playing field they enter. Everything from tablets, to cell phones, and even laptops and desktops. We all know that Apple changed the entire music game when iTunes first came out. Think about it. iTunes single handedly caused a movement in how we buy and listen to music. The iPod itself was a game changer as well. The era of the walkman and other mp3 players went out the window when the iPod came out. This coupled with the institution of iTunes changed everything. However, recently the use of music streaming sites such as Pandora and Spotify have put a bit of a damper on iTunes sales. Well, Apple has come out with a response to their streaming competitors.

It comes down to a simple case of “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!”

Recently Apple created their own version of the Pandora internet radio. When Apple came out with iTunes Radio, they took their first step into the music streaming world. With the similarities between Pandora and iTunes Radio, iTunes has not only been able to compete with Pandora, but offer a bit more of a service than the internet radio provider. How, you might ask? Well, Apple did essentially everything that Pandora did but also added the ability to buy whatever song that you may be listening to directly from iTunes. You create your radio station and are given the ability to purchase any song that you hear. It’s hard to say which internet radio service is going to offer the best selection of music, but iTunes basically took what a competitor was doing and attempted to add their own spin by offering music purchase options. Business is business, but Apple hasn’t stopped there.

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Spotify came and took over for a bit with its wide range of music, including some artists’ entire discographies. With that being said, Apple hasn’t gone without noticing its other competitor’s success. Apple will more than likely be doing its best to create a new type of internet radio service like that of Spotify’s or remodel their iTunes Radio to resemble the same type of interface that Spotify uses.

Why would it be such a big deal for Apple to try and dominate this type of forefront? Many reasons actually. For one, music, iTunes, and iPod’s are what put Apple on the map for modern technology. There is also the fact that since music and iTunes are such big staples for Apple, having another site that could take away from its music sales could potentially hurt their sales. Many recent statistics have shown that people today are streaming their music rather than going through iTunes or any other method to listen to it. Numbers don’t lie and Apple is going to do everything it can to remain on top of every field it can. It’s not a question of “if” but “when” they will make this jump to better music streaming.

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