An Acer Laptop That Could Help Boost Microsoft Over Apple’s Macbook

acerIt should be a secret to no one who reigns the tech world currently. Anyone and everyone has at least one Apple device it seems, and with good reason. Apple provides the fashion statement that you want to make. Their products look clean, sleek, and have basically become today’s standard. Lets face facts. When thinking about getting a good laptop, everyone’s first thoughts (normally) goes go straight to the Macbook. It’s been the industry standard now for a while. Because of this, most of the Window’s laptops have been left in the metaphorical dust. When you think of a good laptop that serves everything that you may need, looks very stylish, and is very portable and lightweight, you normally don’t think of Acer. Well the Acer Aspire S7 stands to change that notion with a quickness.

It’s been hard for a lot of laptop’s to try and compete with Apple’s Macbook line. The weight and thinness of the Macbook Air, and the display of the Macbook Pro have continued to increase sales for Apple. The new Acer Aspire S7 is actually thinner and weighs less than the Macbook Air and a better resolution rate than the Macbook Pro. Apple may need to move over if this laptop gains some speed.

If you take a look at whats under the hood of this sleek new beast, you’ll find the most current Intel Core Haswell i5/i7 processors. The 8 GB of RAM and beautiful 2,560 x 1,440 pixel display just happen to be the extra icing on the cake. It also comes with a built-in camera and microphone, which is perfect for that Skype business meeting that you have next Friday. Should you decide to plug in a pair of headphones or speaker monitors, the laptop will ask you what tip of device has been plugged into the audio jack. This way, it can offer the proper sound output for whatever you may be using at the time.

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As if having monster processors wasn’t enough, Acer decided to send off its new Macbook competitor with a very nifty touch screen. Most laptops come with touch screens nowadays, so when offering this, something has to be a bit different. Acer understands that and decided to ask the question, “Why not have a screen that sits on a 180 degree hinge?”.  Thats right! you can actually push your screen all the way back and the hinge will be just fine. Now should you want to annoy your coworker or roommate with the latest cat meme that you found, you can show them without having to turn the computer around. While it may not be the most amazing feature, it still is a nice one.

Change is scary, and that is something that everyone can agree upon. There are a lot of Apple fanboys out there, yours truly being one of them. Having said that, you can’t deny practicality, form, and function if it’s offered directly in front of you. The fact that it’s design is sleeker than the Macbook Air and resolution is better than the Macbook Pro just shows that other companies are doing their best to come back and hit hard. The hardware underneath is a HUGE plus as well. Still on the fence about a change? Try before you buy and test this machine out!

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