The Tablet Wars Are Still Raging, And Samsung Is Doing Better Than Most!

tabletIt’s always nice to see how all of the companies that we know and love are trying to compete for our hard earned dollar. It takes a bit more for some companies, that’s for sure. There are certain tech wars that seem like they will never really die. We’ve all seen the smartphone wars. That one in particular has been raging on for a while and will continue to rage on until something better comes along. Then we have the wearables, a new war, but one that is gaining speed with all consumer electronic companies. Then there is the tablet war. As most would expect, Apple still is at the head of the pack, but there is one company that has been doing its best to climb the ranks.

Samsung’s tablets have begun to rise in sales over the past year. This definitely is a cause for celebration for the company, as they passed a few competitors.

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If you happen to know anything about tablets, then you know that the iPad is still, by far, the top dog in this particular tech war. iPads still lead the pack with their tablet’s browser usage accounting for 77% of all tablets used to surf the web as of the second quarter of 2014. This number comes from an online-based ad network called Chitika. Chitika just so happened to perform a study based on the overall usage of web browsers via tablet models. They counted up all of the ad impressions in the Chitika ad network to justify all of the numbers given. Samsung was lucky enough to rise up and almost double their usage. Second quarter of last year saw Samsung’s usage at only 4.7%, and this year’s second quarter usage has them at 8.3%. I know that may not seem like a lot, but you have to remember that Apple’s iPad has been out for quite a bit longer. Also, Apple is still something of a fashion statement.

Samsung was able to even beat out Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets. Now I for one am still a bit skeptical on the Kindle Fires seeing as how they have the word “Kindle” in it. To me that is still just an eBook. That being said, the Kindle Fire boasted some pretty crazy specs. Enough to take on the iPad Air and put up an amazing fight. The Kindle Fire is definitely another tablet that people have gravitated towards because of that. Even with that, Samsung was still able to come out on top of them. Actually, during the same time span, Amazon’s tablets saw less usage in terms of their web browsers. They dropped from 7.4% to a slightly smaller 6.1%.

In this industry, numbers will not lie, that is just a given. To see how Samsung was able to come out on top and basically become a strong second place is pretty remarkable. Their percentage has essentially doubled from last year. One could think that there are a few factors that are attributing to this one fact. All of the designs and models of tablets that Samsung has come out with could say a lot about them. By going ahead and catering to every type of customer they could think of, they have a much wider selection to pick from, which is always appealing to potential customers.

Apple is still leading the pack, but Samsung is doing their best to make their presence known. In terms of web browser usage, I’d say they’re doing a pretty good job.


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