Should You Be Using Your iPad For Photography?

174377391Photography is a funny thing if you think about it. We have all of these special cameras and lenses that we could use to create and capture images that could only be dreamed about. Crystal clear clarity here, and beautiful contrast and color saturation there. It all can make an image immaculate. Even though we have all of these amazing things that we can use to help us with our photography, we still chose to take photos on our phones and tablets. If you think about it, the iPad is the most used and consumer recognized tablet on the market currently, and with good reason. For many people, it has taken the place of their laptop due to the improved mobility. Because of this, and the front and rear facing cameras, it makes taking pictures with the iPad next to impossible to NOT do, every once in awhile.

No doubt that if you have an iPad, you’re going to take pictures on it. Whether they be selfies or something a bit more business oriented, it’s going to happen. The next step to figure out is what equipment out there would be able to enhance your photo taking experience on your tablet? To answer that question, yes there is . The new Olloclip for the iPad helps make your photography experience escalate to the next level. It’s essentially a 4 in 1 lens accessory that fits snugly on your iPad Air, iPad Mini, or iPad Mini with Retina Display. The clip comes with a fisheye, a wide angle lens, and two macro lenses. The macros go to both 10x and 15x magnification, and the overall image quality of the macros looks pretty good for what they are. This particular lens is going to run you around $70 if you choose to buy it, but then again, some people just choose to perform their photography on their mobile devices. If you didn’t get it by the previous sentence, yes, there is a version for your iPhone as well.

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There is nothing wrong with using your iPad for photography, and if you are going to use if for that particular purpose, you may as well get an accessory that is going to suit your mobile tech photo needs. While I personally don’t feel that your tablet should be used as a photo device (after all that IS what cameras are for right?), I’ve seen people do crazy things with next to no proper materials. Perhaps you are a freelance photographer and you choose to edit on the go. You may have Photoshop installed onto your tablet already and are completely good to go. That’s fine. In that case, it would make sense to have some accessory like the Olloclip 4-in-1 lens. It would definitely make you completely mobile at that point. It may also help when you need to take a particular picture for business marketing purposes.

You can justify using your iPad or other mobile device for photography, and there are clearly other cases where you can justify using it for more “productive purposes”, in any case, it’s completely up to the person who owns the iPad. I tend to be a kind of artsy guy so I could maybe see using an iPad for certain photo op purposes, and then editing directly on the iPad itself to make it more of an all in one experience. Having said that, we know that 9 out of 10 people are going to use their iPad for more “productive” purposes.

I’d go against using the iPad for strict photo purposes, but then again, iPads are extremely versatile.

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