Texting Via Your Laptop Is Just Another Way To Keep Up Communication When You Need It

73828055When you pick up your phone to read a text and you see that your battery is at 5%, the first thing that may come to your mind is “Crap…”. The next thing that probably enters your head is “I need to find an outlet and a charger”. Now for most of us, myself included, this is just a norm that we’ve come to accept when dealing with smartphones and their diminishing battery life. While you may have an iPhone that lasts 3 days on one charge now, just give it about a year and you will notice a HUGE difference in battery life. There is hope however! Don’t fret, there are ways that you can continue your text conversations without ever having to leave your desk.

It is, in fact, possible to text from your laptop.

There are not many of us out there who know about this little bit of info. I know I had no clue that this was even a possibility until recently. The fact is that many of us are so attached to our phones and charge them so religiously that it doesn’t really come across as need to know information. Should you be in the middle of a conversation with your boss or a potential client however, it could really come in handy.

For those of us who have MacBooks or Mac computers in general, we have something nifty called iMessage. Not only does this awesome little app exist on your phone to help you communicate with other iPhone users (thats why your text chain is always blue for those of you who didn’t know), but it also comes on our Mac computers and MacBooks! We can open up that app and continue our conversations right where we left off by simply opening up the app, typing the person’s phone number or Apple ID, and sending your message! The only downside is that the person HAS to have iMessage enabled on their phone in order to receive the text.

Should you not be a part of the Apple family, you could always search the web for free texting sites. There are actually tons of them out there. All you need to do is Google search for them and you can find them instantly. The big catch with these, however, is that while they may be free, you will be swamped with a myriad of advertisements. That’s how most of these sites stay free. Also, even if it is free, you may still have to set up an account to see your messages. Your responses also have the chance to be sent to your email after you sign up, instead of being sent directly back to the site you’ve been texting on.

Speaking of Google, they too have a way that you can maintain proper communication when your phone isn’t available. You can text back via Gvoiceoogle Voice. You can set up a brand new number, or you can use your current one and continue texting. The downside with this route is that it only sends and receives texts from numbers in the United States and Canada. But should you decide to use this form of laptop texting, you’ll be met with other neat features like calling and voice to text transcription.

Communication is one of the biggest keys to a successful business. If there is no communication, the business could collapse in on itself. Don’t let this happen. Always make sure you’re connected and communicating!

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