Can You Rent 1,000 Laptops? You Can With!

Can you think of anything that you would want 1,000 of? I mean I wouldn’t mind $1,000….or maybe 1,000 gold bars….or a 1,000GB data limit on my smartphone. But would you ever want something like 1,000 laptops? Well probably not in your everyday life, unless you are literally the most generous person in the world and you have 1,000 friends you want to be very nice to. However, in the world of temporary technology rentals, 1,000 laptops is actually very useful.

Renting 1,000 laptops (or any large quantity) is a perfect solution if you need to put a lot of laptops in the hands of a lot of employees for an extended (but not permanent) amount of time. I always envision things better with an example so let me throw one out there for you. Let’s say you or your company is conducting a large project that involves a lot of people that are required to keep track of information and stay connected with one another it makes sense to rent the laptops instead of buy them (provided you aren’t the aforementioned extremely generous guy).

Can you rent 1000 laptops

Another great solution that requires large quantity laptop rentals could be employee training. If you are conducting a training seminar for new employees or you’re simply introducing new software or business models to your current staff, large quantity laptop rentals can come in handy. With you can have your new software pre-loaded on the laptops so they are ready to go when your employees arrive. In addition to that, a local technician will also have all the laptops set up and ready to go for you, leaving all the technicalities and logistics stress off your shoulders.

However, the laptops themselves aren’t the only things you need. Using a large amount of laptops requires the right kind of supporting technology in order to keep them running and network them to the internet.’s Tech Travel Agents can offer any supporting technology you need to go along with your large quantity laptop rental. Such technology could be could include wireless bridges, routers or network servers. also offers some of the top brands in the industry, including Cisco, Bradford Networks, Dell, HP, Juniper Networks and Alcatel-Lucent.

The best thing about renting 1,000 laptops (or however many you need) is the service that comes along with it. From the moment you get on a Tech Travel Agent is there to help you. Your personal TTA will help you get the perfect rental for your needs. Just tell your TTA your specifications and he or she will set you up with the perfect amount and type of technology to fit your needs. All the logistics will be handled for you, from delivery and setup to pickup and return. Even customer support and technical assistance is provided for your entire rental period.

So the next time you are in need of 1,000 laptops, or just a lot of laptops, consider large quantity laptop rentals from With local deliver and installation and professional service from start to finish, there really isn’t a better option out there.

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