No Surface Mini Will Be Coming Out! Should Microsoft Be Worried?

surfacepro3The demand for products shows just how well a company is doing these days. I stand by that fact wholeheartedly. There are some companies that are always in demand. Apple isn’t hurting for more sales for the iPad, that’s for sure. Sony is doing a great job with their PS4. Samsung has their Galaxy S5 and multitude of tablets to compete with Apple. We know that these companies are holding their own on the consumer market very well. The tablet market is getting a bit flooded with many of the small-screened tablets. They’re all trying to compete with the iPad Mini. There is on company who doesn’t seem to be doing very well in the category, and I believe we all know who that is; Microsoft.

No Surface Mini For Us

There has been a lot of speculation as to if we will be seeing a new mini tablet or not coming from Microsoft. We heard a lot of rumors coming out about it for the Spring released of the Surface Pro 3. There was even mention of the new device directly in one of the the manuals. It would have possibly made sense to put one out. There is one problem however; sometimes you are too little, too late. With as packed as the small-screened tablet market is, it wouldn’t necessarily make sense for Microsoft to come out with a Surface Mini, and their higher ups knew that. There just wasn’t a high enough demand based off of sales statistics. When put up against Apple and Android “mini” tablets, many people are going to go for the Android and Apple tablets before the Microsoft tablets. Because of this, the plug has been pulled on the new Surface Mini. We will not be seeing this product.

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Too Late In The Game

When it comes down to it, everything has a time limit. Technology and fads have a time limit.  Since Microsoft didn’t feel it necessary to try and enter this market until the release of Windows 8.1 in late 2013, it wouldn’t have made sense for the company to jump in that late to the game. The market had already established competitors for the category. Microsoft would have been around 2 years late to the party. No sense in being that fashionably late, am I right?

Does Microsoft Need To Be Scared?

Microsoft is a huge company, no doubt. As long as there are people who love Call Of Duty and Xbox, Microsoft will always be around. Their technology is by no means faulty, they’re just not as popular as they used to be. Then again, it needs to be remembered that they were PC people until Apple came along and opened up the new mobile market. Microsoft needed to play catch up, and they did. The Surface Pro 3 is still getting very good reviews and they seem to specialize in the tablet-laptop hybrids. They may need to just stay on their toes while in the tablet category, especially in the small screen section.

I feel that Microsoft knows that they’re doing. The higher ups in the company know what they’re doing. That being said, not having another product to choose from could still be detrimental to them. Unless they knew that the development and production costs were going to outweigh the profit for sure, they could be making a big mistake. Only time will tell.

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