So Why Should You Rent Your iPads In Bulk?

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The big event is next week and you’ve been put in charge. You’re on a budget, but you want to create the best experience possible for the audience during the big presentation and perhaps, to you, that means being more interactive than staring at a slideshow on a projector. So you finally decide that iPads are the way to go, but you’re going to need a lot of them, fast.

So what do you do?

It’s All About The Rental

Laptops are all well and good when dealing with a company presentation, but the beauty of today’s technology is that we are able to access devices even more mobile than a laptop. The tablet has taken us to a whole new level of mobile computing and has made the work environment much more productive. Again though, you need to make sure that there are enough devices to meet the demands of the presentation or event. You may think that you need to go out and buy, but before you eat a hole through your wallet, know that you can just as easily rent you tech as easy as you can purchase it. Renting will also make things a lot less stressful for event planning in the long run as well.

iPads… iPads Everywhere

Lets face facts. Apple has pushed through the ranks of technology competitors because of how well their products work. Productivity and efficiency coupled with a sleek design has pushed the company beyond others. There is also the whole “We did the tablet thing first, and perfected it” thing. Naturally, their product is going to be highly sought after. Why risk not knowing if a retail store has enough to meet the needs of your event. Not to mention do you want that price tag. Companies like have iPads on tap, pretty much. Do you need a bulk order? Not a problem. 100 iPads or more for a rental? They can make it happen.

More Reason To Rent

It’s all about quantity and less stress. Planning events can be so stressful. Not just business presentations but many other events as well!

  • Tech Conventions
  • Gaming Conventions
  • Computer Classes For Schools
  • Business Training Courses
  • Office Usage

All of these types of events could greatly benefit from iPad rentals. To elaborate a bit more on the office usage, maybe you’re trying to implement a new tech policy around the office, or maybe you’re just trying to upgrade. Either way, you’re going to want to make sure that you have enough to cover the staff that you need to cover. Yet another advantage is the insurance on the products. When you decide to rent your products instead of buying them, you’re taking some of the pressure’s of product safety off of yourself. For most company’s, there can be renter’s insurance policy lined up for when the products are rented to let you know what you’re covered against.

The simple fact is that much like when you buy in bulk, the price drops when you rent is bulk as well. It’s super simple as well! You can just place your order, pick it up from the designated destination, use it, pack it up when you’re done, and send it back. Not only has renting tech become easy, but renting in bulk has become even easier now as well.

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