The World’s First 8TB Hard Drive

4tbThese days with cell phones, tablets, home businesses, and everything else that is going on, more data is being created than ever before. We live in a world that revolves around data and mobile technology. Technology has made life a lot easier in most cases, but often we run into the problem of not having enough storage space. Being the owner of my own small business and a small recording studio, I can definitely relate to this. There may be a new type of hard drive that could help ease the pain though.

Today Seagate has confirmed that the first ever 8TB hard drives have been shipped out to their early buyers. The data storage company has managed to create the largest storage space inside of any single hard disk drive on the planet.

As I said earlier, there is a real need for more efficient hard drives right now. There is a way larger amount of data being created, stored, and shared than ever before. The new 8TB hard drives are going to make life a lot easier and will also keep costs low for the consumers.

The world is becoming more mobile every single day, and the amount of data being created isn’t slowing down at all. As a matter of fact, the number of devices that we rely on is growing at a huge rate. This growth is only going to continue to get bigger and bigger. This puts a lot of pressure on cloud builders. There is always a big need to create new ways to build high capacity storage platforms and keep them at a reasonable cost, and it only gets harder.

Over the years, Seagate has been doing a good job at upgrading their hard drives using a technology called shingled magnetic recording. This technology pushes drive tracks closer to each other, giving the hard drive the most amount of space possible.

Right now the new hard drives are only being shipped to a select few people because they are still in the trial period. Soon though, they will be available for any of us to purchase. They should be on the mass market in the next few months. I know that I am going to be sure to pick one up. This might actually be one of the things that I’ll end up relying on more than almost anything.

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