Samsung’s Galaxy Note Edge Has A Display On The Side

samsung galaxy edgeSamsung’s new Galaxy Note Edge smartphone is probably the most futuristic smart phone to hit the streets so far. Lots of people thought that Apple was going to be the first to use this type of screen technology, but Samsung just beat everyone to the punch.

This isn’t just a curved screen. That fad has already come and gone. This is actually kind of like having two screens on one phone. The main front part is a Quad HD display like the one on the Galaxy Note 4, and the side has a little strip of screen too. This can display widgets, icons, or information. Pretty cool stuff!

The edge screen shows a list of apps when you are on the home screen, and you can customize them and pick which apps are listed there. When you open an app, the list on the edge goes away and the app takes up the entire display. With the swipe of your thumb, you can bring the list back up and switch between apps very quickly and easily.

There are a few stock widgets that Samsung has incorporated into the edge display. There is a stopwatch and a ruler just to name a few. The ruler would probably come in really handy, I’ve always wondered why more smartphones don’t have those!

If you are left handed and the widgets are on the wrong side for you to operate easily, you can flip the phone upside down. Once you do that, the entire display flips upside down and leaves the widgets on the same side. Of course, you’ll have to flip it back the other way for phone calls, but it’s neat either way.

You are also able to use a stylus with the phone, and it has a fingerprint scanner in the home button.

The Galaxy Note Edge is going to be available in the fall and will come in both black and white. There is no word on a price yet, but something this cool is probably going to cost a lot.

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