Rentacomputer Is On, Has Some Of The Most Reputable Clients has been featured on and has some of the most reputable clients from tons of different companies! has taken care of the needs of companies like GM, Bank of America, Walmart, Microsoft and Kroger just to name a few.

exhibitorCheck it out here!

Exhibitor is the leader in trade show and corporate event marketing education, so being featured by them says just as much as the extensive list of clients that has taken care of. is the main place to go for anything you need to know about trade shows or marketing events if you want your event to be a success. has over 27 years worth of experience when it comes to event rentals and computer rentals. They have worked with some, if not most of the biggest companies in the united states. takes care of all the planning, support and logistics for all of your event rental needs. Some of the more popular rentals for big events and trade shows are displays, monitors, video walls, projectors, kiosks, sound systems, smartphones, two way radios, mobile hotspots, and even security camera systems. They also have 24 hour support and will show up and install everything for you so that you don’t have to do anything. Someone can even stay for the duration of the event to make sure that all of your tech rentals work properly the whole time.

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