Hey Vegas! Are You Ready For EventTech 2014?

Las Vegas is home to some of the most beautiful and luxurious hotels in the world. Casinos line the strip, like on Mason Jones photos. There are amazing shows to witness. If you’re lucky enough, you may witness a street magician or two! While all of these things are what helps make Las Vegas Las Vegas, there are some other attributes to it that you may not think about. What about all of the crazy conventions that go down in Sin City? What about all the tech convention, mostly. There are some huge tech events that go down in Vegas that you might not know about. There just so happens to be such an event getting ready to happen at the beautiful Bellagio Hotel.

Are familiar with the EventTech convention? If not, you’re going to want to be.

eventechTechnology For Days

This particular tech event seems a bit different from the rest of the tech events out there. Mainly due to the fact that this event includes hundreds and hundreds of different technologies from different companies. All of these technologies you can learn about from different keynotes and sessions, but here is the best part about it; after you hear about it, you get to test drive these bad boys. That’s right! All of the technologies that you see at the event will be available to test out to the convention goers. All of these different technologies are located in the same building as well. All of the classes and sessions. Everything. It’s all in one place. Everything from augmented reality, holographic imaging, and virtual reality headsets. It’ll all be there. It’s not just about viewing technology and playing with it for fun, however.

Technology And Social Media Coming Together

This tech event doesn’t just specialize in new technologies, it also will teach you how to use that technology in conjunction with social media to help your business grow in the right ways. We all know that viral videos these days are huge ways to get people noticing and talking about you. Everyone knows Vegas as one the biggest and best cities in the world, but there are businesses within Vegas that might not ever get reach other than within the city. This is where the lessons taught in this event come into play. The people here teach you about how to use the new emerging technologies to increase your company’s reach and engagement with potential clientele and potential customers. These technologies could help boost your brand and help generate profit and revenue. That’s the point of being in business right?

It’s About Staying Ahead Of The Curve

dv1437015You never want to be left behind in today’s world of technology. There are too many ways to utilize it to your benefit. Technology is designed to make our lives easier. The tech that is coming out these days can not only make your daily lives easier, but can also help make your business life a lot easier. By just learning about the technologies, going to the classes and session, experiencing these keynotes from some of the biggest name brands out there, you are already ahead of the game. EventTech has been growing exponentially over the past few years of its existence, and with good reason. Anyone going to this event will be able to see all of the new tech from all of the best brands out there, and be able to judge how to utilize it and the social media forums to help their business grow and become more profitable.

I’m never one to really be too excited about tech events, simply because they are usually about one specific brand. This event is different however. This event is encompassing so many different brands and devices. You have technology, social media, the luxurious Bellagio Hotel, and Las Vegas! What else do you really need?


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