From Sea To Shining Sea….Literally! Delivers To 1,500 Cities Worldwide!

rHere at when we say something we mean it. That’s why when we say we are a leading provider of temporary technology in the world, we literally mean the entire world, especially considering the fact that we have expanded our business over the years to include over 1,500 cities and convention centers worldwide.


In the past, companies needing equipment in multiple cities were required to contact multiple vendors. In today’s market, a business has the opportunity to contact one Tech Travel Agent from to book event equipment and technicians anywhere, anytime and for any length of time.

The Tech Travel Agents from book audio/visual and computer rental technology and manpower to over 1,500 business travel destinations around the world. These locations include cities all across the Unites States, Canada, South America and the United Kingdom. Tech Travel Agents also handle all the details of your rental, such as delivery and installation directly to your trade show booth, convention, meeting, training room, hotel, business location, etc…

Local Techs and Local Equipment 

Your Tech Travel Agent works in local markets with local inventory and local manpower. What this means is that when you rent from you are also strengthening local businesses and workers. With thousands of top-rated audio/visual and computer rental industry professionals you can be sure that you are getting what you need  when and where you need it for as long as you need it. Your Tech Travel Agent will coordinate the various technicians and engineers to install and manage everything you rent.

The “Green Event” Solution


By using a Tech Travel Agent, manpower and inventory are already in a local market. This greatly reduces shipping and paying a tech to travel, which not only reduces costs for you but also helps keep this planet a little greener as well. By using a Tech Travel Agent you are taking the first steps in making your next event environmentally friendly, which is always awesome.

Competitive Event Pricing 

477457721Hotels and convention centers charge a pretty penny for things like projectors and plasma screens. By bringing in competition, customers like you can benefit with lower prices. Tech Travel Agents work with multiple vendors in overlapping markets and also have access to a larger local inventory and labor force than any single company, convention center or hotel. In addition to that, vendors compete on wholesale price and product quality in all markets which means that you end up with a better price from the best techs in each market.

More Than Any Single Company 

87681015Tech Travel Agents have the capability to deliver more solutions to more locations than any single company on the face of the earth! I know it sounds dramatic but it’s true and only a Tech Travel Agent from can deliver seamless multi-vendor, multi-location solutions at the lowest possible cost to you.

All of those points that I just mentioned are great and when you combine that with’s availability to over 1,500 cities across the planet you end up with a global technology rental solution that simply can’t be beat. So whether you’re attending a convention in Los Angeles, a conference in Vancouver or a trade show in London you can be sure that and its Tech Travel Agents will be with you every step of the way.

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