The Early Bird Gets The….Wad Of Reward Money!

Here at we like to ensure that our customers are getting the best possible experience with their computer or technology rental. Whether it be our 15 Minute Guarantee or our regular sweepstakes, is always looking to give you the most from your time with us. That is why is offering early bird reward specials on any and all rentals!

Can you rent 1000 laptopsYou’ve undoubtedly heard the expression “The early bird gets the worm”. Well the worm is a metaphor for a prize or some type of reward. With’s Early Bird Rewards the “worm” isn’t a metaphor or a euphemism, its an actual, physical prize. In this case, worm stands for Wad Of Reward Money. loves giving back to customers which is why when you early birds book ahead of time with and your Tech Travel Agent we will supply with the worm. So here’s how it works: By booking your rental at least 1 month in advance of your rental date, will reward you with 5% cash back! Talk about a sweet deal.

Pros To Renting Ahead Of Time

  • 56515092 (1)You ensure that your rental technology is available and that you can get every single piece of equipment with no problems.
  • You ensure that has enough time to install any kind of software on your equipment or add any extra details that you might need.
  • You take loads of stress off of you and/or your team by ensuring that everything is taken care of in advance, leaving no last minute scrambling to try and get something.
  • You get the impeccable 5% cash back W.O.R.M., allowing you to save money in more ways than one!

Cons To Renting Ahead Of Time

  • ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! There are literally no downsides to renting ahead of time so why not do it?

In order to qualify for the Early Bird Rewards and get your W.O.R.M. you have to follow these simple guidelines. Orders must be confirmed by 5PM EST at least 1 month in advance of your rental date. Your Reward will be in the form of a Visa Gift Card. The cash value will be 5% of the total paid rental fees from the first rental period only. This isn’t valid on orders that have already been confirmed or with any other offers. You must mention the coupon code EBWORM in order to receive the cash back. The gift card will be issued once the equipment is returned and accounted for.


That’s basically it! Get your rental situation ironed out within 1 month of your actual event and you will be the bird that all the other birds are jealous of because you truly have the best worm. Like I said, loves giving back to its faithful and exceptional customers so don’t delay and get your very own Wad Of Reward Money today!

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