Could Windows Find Themselves On The Comeback With “Windows 10”?

I’m not the type to down talk Windows or anything from Microsoft, unless it’s the Xbox (sorry, Sony fanboy in that sense). I’ve worked with Microsoft Windows for the majority of my life, and it’s always felt like home to me. I think that Microsoft has always been one of the top tech companies out there. I feel as if they’re slowly going the way of Gateway however. Why do I say that? Well they’ve not done really well with catering to their customers wants and needs unfortunately. Their software has not been delivering and I’m not the only one who thinks that. There just so happens to be a new event scheduled for tomorrow, however, that shows that we may be getting a look at the new (and hopefully improved) software.

The Name Game

There have been a few different reference names for Microsoft’s new version of Windows. Naturally, “Windows 9” is the most logical and what many of the people have been calling it. The name “Threshold” is still being circulated as well however because of leak that appeared earlier this week. There is also the possibility of the new software just being called “Windows”. While that might seem a bit odd and confusing there is a reason for it. Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella, had the thought of “One Windows” as a name possibility since the “Windows Phone” recently let go of the “Phone” in their name. No matter if the new software is called “Windows”, “Windows 9”, or “Ham and Cheese”, it doesn’t really matter. What is going to matter is how well the software runs in comparison to what has been seen with Windows 8/8.1.

windows10Update: The New Windows OS Will Be Called “Windows 10”.

Problems In The Past

When Windows released their Windows 8 and 8.1 software, they were met with less than stellar reviews. The bad reviews weren’t just for the faint of heart either. Many of Microsoft’s die-hard customers weren’t exactly happy with the new software and with good reason. Microsoft was pushing too hard to go after the consumer market instead of doing what they have always done best; catering to the enterprise of it all. They were trying to push a traditional desktop style operating system to be something more mobile in order to cater to what was popular. By doing that, it left many wondering how it was going to work as the ol’ trusty workstation that they’ve been before. This is where Microsoft needs to make their change with the new OS.

Stop Trying To Be Apple

windows10startI feel that Microsoft may have been dealing with an identity crisis. Instead of trying to push for a more “mobile” styling desktop OS, they should have been focusing on what they do well and how to do it better. Windows is still the top OS being used by many businesses today. Even though many enterprise workers still use this OS, they’ve been left in the dust because Microsoft was too busy trying to play touchscreen. The ability to add touch functionality to the Windows 8 operating system is nothing more than a novelty. Windows has always been known for productivity. Leave the touch sensors and “flappy birds” to Apple and Samsung. Don’t worry about the mobile market and worry more about how to make the enterprise happy.

Tuesday, September 30th, is when it all goes down. We can expect Windows to release their new software and show off some of the new top key functions. Hopefully, Microsoft has seen the error of their ways and will rectify the problem by putting the enterprise as their main focus instead of the the mobile consumer market. Microsoft may be down, but something tells me they are far from out.

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