Gorilla Glass 4 Is Coming, And It’s Stronger Than Ever

Gorilla Glass 4 is coming, and it could save all of our beloved smartphones and tablets.

Sometimes it’s just impossible to keep our devices safe. They come with us everywhere, and accidents do happen. And in that moment that you forget your device is in your lap when you stand up, and it goes falling toward the ground… You always hope that the screen won’t shatter. But, sometimes luck just isn’t on your side.

Gorilla Glass has been around for a while. Yes, it is stronger, but let’s face it… it’s not all it’s supposed to be. I have ruined a few Gorilla Glass screens with very little effort myself. This new generation of Gorilla Glass is supposed to be way more durable than the last generations. They even analyzed a lot of broken Gorilla Glass screens to see the patterns in which they shatter so that they could figure out ways to reinforce them more.

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Gorilla Glass, which first arrived in 2007, remains popular among smartphone manufacturers including Samsung, which uses it on its Galaxy smartphones and, reportedly, Apple, especially because it offers the promise, if not always the reality, of strength and a scratch-and break-proof screen.

They even went as far as to buy 100 new phones and drop them on all kinds of crazy surfaces. One of these surfaces was 180-grit sandpaper. They really went all out on the testing for the new glass. Generally when you see a broken screen, it’s because the phone got dropped on its corner. They did most of their testing by dropping the phones directly on the screen because that would be the highest amount of impact.

Basically what they came up with was the same fusion draw process they have always used but a different chemical process and a slightly different design. They wouldn’t go into details about it, but from what they said, it’s sure to be a great deal stronger and more impressive then before.

The result of all of the new design changes is that phones with Gorilla Glass 4 will be able to survive a nightmarish face drop from a height of up to one meter 80% of the time. That is at least a little bit better than your current screen expectations, right?


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