12 Things that Rentacomputer.com Does Better

State-of-the-Art Laptop and Tablet computer rentals, large display monitors, projectors, copiers, printers, plotters, network servers and more can be delivered to your place of business within hours of your phone call, email, text message, tweet, post or other prearranged communication method.

Tech Travel Agents have access to more technology than any single computer rental company in the world.

Tech Travel Agents can and will get the technology that you need, and have it configured, delivered, installed, tested and picked up after the event. All this at a price that is very competitive.

Tech staff  can be on hand at all times throughout your event providing help to instructors and users regarding anything about the hardware rented.

Services provided by Rentacomputer.com and its affiliates:

  1. Access to the largest inventory of rental technology than any other computer rental company.
  2. Configuration services we install hardware, software or other device during the ‘get-ready’ period of the rental.
  3. Bench testing and retesting all hardware to minimize failure in the field.
  4. Special hardware packing prior to shipping ensuring all equipment will arrive scuff free and undamaged.
  5. Fast Delivery service to event, office or home.
  6. Convention Center Dock to trade show booth delivery service
  7. Truck to event delivery service
  8. On site hardware installation, booting and testing.
  9. On-Site technicians and installers during your event.
  10. Direct phone numbers of Tech Travel Agent and others involved with your rental
  11. 24 hour Phone support available.
  12. Delivery to over 1000 cities worldwide.

These are 12 things that Rentacomputer.com does better than any other single rental company. Some companies boast at having a few locations, Rentacomputer.com has over 135 affiliate locations with hardware warehouses and over 1000 tech staff available to install and support our vast hardware rental network worldwide.


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