Technology for the Biggest Auto Show

The Chicago Auto Show is the biggest auto show in all of North America even bigger than the North American International Auto Show just outside of Detroit.

The show is held every February at the McCormick Place Convention Complex in Chicago, Illinois. It’s been around for a long time too, the first one was held in 1901!

Currently the show is produced by the Chicago Automobile Trade Association (CATA) is the nation’s oldest and largest metropolitan dealer organization. The CATA has produced the Chicago Auto Show since 1935.


  • Public Show:  Saturday, Feb. 14 through Sunday, Feb. 22
  • First Look for Charity:  Friday, Feb. 13, 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. Black tie.
  • Media Preview:  Thursday, Feb. 12 through Friday, Feb. 13.

There is a ton of space available (over one million square feet) at the show as well to let the different manufacturers do whatever crazy things they can dream up with their exhibit space. Chrysler and Pontiac both have hosted free concerts at their exhibits. Toyota created and indoor experimental ride course and invited attendees to ride along on crazy test drives. Needless to say, the show is absolutely huge fun, there are a ton of people, a ton of amazing things going on, and a ton of opportunities for you to make the most out of it as a business person.

You can rent dual 46″ floor standing monitors to run your promo clips, like this one from, you’re going to catch a lot of eyes. Especially if  your product demos are already cool. Not even just for this event, but good high quality monitor rental is always going to be a good, smart investment at any type of show or convention.

Tickets are available at our McCormick Place ticket booths on public show days or online at (Online tickets available now. Show box office closes one hour before the show closes.)

  • $12 for adults
  • $6 for seniors aged 62 and older
  • $6 for children 7-12
  • Free admission for children 6 and younger when they accompany a paying adult. Family members only.
  • Weekday discount coupons ($6 off the regular adult admission) available at various area new-car dealers. Participating banks also mail the discount tickets to their account holders.
  • School & group discounts available.


All Chicago Auto Show exhibits are held in the McCormick Place complex.  Exhibitions include: multiple world and North American introductions; a complete range of domestic and imported passenger cars and trucks; sport utility vehicles; and experimental or concept cars.  In total, nearly 1,000 different vehicles will be on display. Additionally, attendees will also have the opportunity to see numerous accessories and auto-related exhibits, competition vehicles and project, antique and collector cars.


Another thing exhibitors might want is several tablet computers like iPads. Get your staff to go out into the crowd with iPads and survey attendees and other exhibitors! Also you can use the iPad to show off new products on a more personal basis when all your large screen displays are in use. Having staff that will personally assist attendees and show answers to questions right away instead of having to wait for a large display monitor could be the difference between someone walking away from a busy booth to capturing another good lead.

Tablets and iPads are a great way to accept credit card payments at the show too.


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