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Business and travel remind me a lot of my childhood...

My father sold insurance and was often away on business trips and to this day he still tells stories about what it was like being on the road all the time. Unfortunately for my father, he was traveling during the early-to-mid 90s and one of the most modern pieces of technology he had was a pager.

Goodbye Dad

Travel and business are just as prevalent today as they were back then and is now even large enough for a global scale. The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) recently announced that registration is now open for the GBTA Convention 2015. The GBTA Convention is the largest and most comprehensive gathering of business travel and meeting managers, meeting planners, procurement professionals and suppliers across the globe.

GBTA 2015Every good convention needs a theme and the theme for GBTA Convention 2015 is #Sharing. According to the GBTA, #Sharing is the perfect way to describe the modern business travel environment. There are few other industries in the world that center around face-to-face meetings or where sharing is a main concept. This year’s convention plans on housing 7,000 industry professionals that are focused on sharing in a transformative experience. The whole focus of the convention is to determine what #Sharing can do for you, your company and the business travel industry.

Sharing Is Caring*

This year’s convention will be held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida and is scheduled to have world-class keynote speakers, over 80 education sessions, one of the largest business travel expo floors in the world and tons of professional development opportunities, among other things. This should provide attendees with the opportunity to build their careers, develop strong business relationships and get some serious work done.

According to GBTA Executive Director and COO Michael W. McCormick, “Business travel is an ever-evolving and constantly changing profession and together we have the opportunity to share ideas with other professionals, learn to navigate the sharing economy and innovate to achieve shared success. The GBTA Convention has always been a meeting point for the dynamic individuals who make up the business travel industry and this year, like the industry itself, Convention is moving forward fast. We are excited to once again join together business travel professionals from across the industry to share their ideas, inventions, innovations and discoveries.”

Orange County Convention Center

Image Credit: Nehrams2020 on en.wikipedia

The 80 education sessions are organized into more than 20 specialized tracks that are aimed at specific levels of experience, as well as a plethora of disciplines. In addition to that, there is also a 400+ com

Many Exposition that will showcase market choices unavailable at other industry gatherings. Sessions will feature world-renowned speakers and industry leaders along with a wide array of development opportunities for industry professionals.

Traveling and business have certainly come a long way since the days of my father. Gone are the days of pagers and fax machines. Now we have smartphones and tablets and giant worldwide conventions. If you are a traveling businessman or you work in this kind of industry then you don’t want to miss out on the Global Business Travel Association Convention 2015. Industry leaders, professional sessions, and world-leading keynote speakers are just a few things that you will find at this year’s event.

Registration for the event is now open, though I’m afraid the early bird special has already passed. The convention will be taking place at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida from July 25 through July 29.

Rent Our A/V!

…And don’t forget to tweet about the event with #GBTA2015 and #Sharing!

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