San Francisco to Host DEMO Traction 2015

The DEMO Traction Growth Conference is held on April 22nd at the Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco, California. The whole point of the conference is to connect the best new growth startups with the best potential customers and partners. The event is invite only, but it is a fantastic opportunity to grow your startup using the newest technology and problem solving in a group setting while also surrounding yourself with the best and most promising people out there.

If you are a buyer or a seller, this is the place to be. The whole idea is to bring buyers and sellers together. You can apply to be a part of DEMO Traction on their website and get together with the most promising early-stage companies and prospective customers.

Companies such as TiVo. Skype, Leapfrog, E-Trade, and many others got their start at this conference and about 25 percent of the companies attending get acquired on average. It’s a fantastic opportunity and the DEMO Traction track record can’t even be touched.

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