Limited Apple Watch Rental Reservations

For a limited time we are taking reservations for the Apple Watch. This could be great for upcoming Conference and Trade Show Events  this summer, later this year and next year! Supplies will be constrained in the technology rental industry, so make a reservation ASAP. You can always cancel 30 days before your event but if you miss this opportunity you might not be able to rent an Apple Watch.

Capture the audience walking by your trade show booth, bring them in with the latest flashiest technology. Rent an Apple Watch for all your booth representatives to lure in and demonstrate your products and services with the Apple Watch and iPhone integration. Yes you can bundle an iPhone with an Apple watch rental.

Save Big on Apple Watch Rentals
The Apple Watch is a revolutionary product.  Buying 10 Apple Watch devices for your event would cost over $5000. Yet for a fraction of that cost you can afford to look ‘top notch’ at your event.

Also available soon are watches compatible with the Android and Windows operating systems.

4 ways to Reserve your Apple Watch

Text Us: 908-485-7368,

Call Us: 800-736-8772 (Toll Free)

Email Us:

Visit Us:

Get a Quote on an Apple Watch today! But you better hurry because reservations are limited!

NOTE: The Apple Watch is currently not available. However you can reserve one for summer or later events. Costs are estimated in the $45 to $50 per day per unit  for a 4 day event in this example.

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