Can’t Call? Send Rentacomputer a Text!

Being part of the technology market, Rentacomputer likes to stay as current as possible. A lot of business don’t adapt to the times and that is a huge detriment to their success. That’s why Rentacomputer wants to make it as easy as possible for you to connect to your Tech Travel Agent to get a quote or some more information on your technology rentals.

One way we are making it easier for you to contact us is by implementing the ability for our customers to text us! We know that in the busy world of business some people simply don’t have the time for a full phone conversation. There are instances where sending a text is much easier and more efficient and Rentacomputer wants to be open to all forms of communication!

So the next time you are looking for a quote or information on a computer rental, AV rental or event rental why not try sending Rentacomputer a text at 908-485-7368! And if you have a little extra time to spare or prefer to do things the old fashioned way then contact your Tech Travel Agent by calling 800-736-8772 or by visiting us at!

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