Women in Tech Should Look At These 13 Companies

When it comes to the tech industry it’s clear to see that the world is very male-dominated. There just aren’t a lot of women in the industry, especially in the fields of engineering and technical jobs. According to the Anita Borg Institute, “Making up about 23% of the technical workforce and 18% of computer science degrees, women are underrepresented in the technical workforce, and are leaving the industry at twice the rate as men due to the inhospitable tech environment.”

The really interesting part about this is the fact that the technology industry is growing so fast and is waging hardcore talent wars yet there doesn’t seem to be a lot of women involved. However, there are some companies out there that seem to go out of their way to ensure that they are recruiting women and working hard to make a career path for them.

The Anita Borg Institute just released its annual list of the top employers for technical women. The list looks at how many women each company employed at entry, mid, senior and executive levels. In addition to that, it also looks at how well women were promoted within the company, the number of women in  tech fast-track or leadership programs and outreach/recruitment programs aimed at women.

The list is only comprised of 13 companies and they are as follows:

  1. BNY Mellon
  2. Accenture
  3. American Express
  4. Apple
  5. eBay
  6. GoDaddy
  7. Goldman Sachs
  8. Google
  9. IBM
  10. Rackspace Hosting
  11. Salesforce
  12. T. Rowe Price
  13. USAA

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