Push Your Event with These Startups

Start-UpTechnology changes every single day, and if you are smart you can use that to your advantage in just about every aspect of your life. Here are some brand new, amazing startup ideas that are going to help you make your next event so much better.


LineApp is a really awesome, neat, and simple app. There isn’t much to it. It turns your smartphone into a walkie-talkie so that you can communicate with your team members without calling them every 3 seconds. It is super convenient. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection to work it, and the Wi-Fi network doesn’t even have to have internet access. This app is also free for up to 3 users! You can’t beat free.


Events.com is really awesome. They have built a platform for event attendees AND event planners, which is a really great concept that I can’t believe no one has ever thought of yet. You have advanced event management and event discovery all in one place!

Other than having the most desirable domain in the industry, Events.com managed to come with an interesting concept. They recognized that there are two audiences in the event exchange that do not necessarily talk to each other, the planner and the attendee. They created a platform for both. Advanced event management and event discovery in one platform. I think this one is really going to take off and get huge.


Crowdsigns offers a really awesome product. It’s super simple too. They are just customized props to be used in photos. Get some of these for your guest photo booth! Everyone will love it. They take out the awkwardness of getting your photo taken, turn it into something that is fun, and also offers you another outlet for promotion. They even offer Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube themed props. Get on it!


Kayo offers their own tablets and kiosks to exhibitors. It is really convenient because they are made to showcase products, and they are fully brand able. The software installed on them is specifically for displaying documents and media, as well as collecting and analyzing data. The idea is a little weird, and you might not be as comfortable as you would just renting an iPad or something similar, but it’s something that some people might like and it might take off in the future. Either way, it’s worth taking a look into.


This is basically a really in depth budgeting tool for events. It has a ton of really useful features like budget control, and it is going to do a lot more for you than an old fashioned Excel sheet!


This is one of the latest live interaction apps. Events always benefit from live interaction apps! It offers gameification polls, quizzes, and the audience can win branded rewards. Play2Lead is the latest introduction to the growing family of live interaction apps. It offers most of the features you would expect in a live interaction tool, with a interesting lead generation focus.

Startups are a great way to push your events to the next level and really differentiate you from the competition.

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