Benefiting from Trade Shows Even After They End

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Arguably, the easiest way for you business to grow and expand is by attending different trade shows. Whether your company is large and experienced, or up and coming, having the right booth at a trade show can make a huge impact on whether or not your brand is growing. Not only can you gain new clientele, but you also have the opportunity to form new relationships with existing businesses.

Networking is one of the key elements in business growth and expansion. These conferences and conventions may not last that long, as a lot of planning goes into the event itself and encompasses quite a bit of content. Here is where the issue in turn lies; How can your company keep benefiting from the trade show after it has come and gone?

The most obvious answer is your booth, of course. Your business needs to be represented by the employees with the proper skill set and best personality to adequately support your brand.

It may go without saying, but your company’s booth must be eye catching and memorable. Think about it. If you walk past a booth at a trade show that is draped in the black white and grey text that you would expect to see from a company, you’re more than likely going to continue on your way. Having an open layout helps people feel more welcome and inclined to stop by. Contests are also a good way to intrigue convention goers. My personal favorite, however, is easily the interactive displays. By showing off a unique and more lax side of your business, you can appear more human to attendees instead of just another suit trying to get them to purchase a product.

Naturally, having the display that pops out to people is nice, but what about your social media presence? It goes without saying that you will be handing out material that helps further explain just what your business is all about, so make sure that your social media links are all present. Any potential customers that you may have are going to want to see how your company is represented via the common social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook. Giving them that information is beneficial to both parties.

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Since you’ll be handing out material with your social media info on it, make sure that your social media sites are just as interested as your booth. What are some of the ways you can have your business’s Facebook and Twitter pages generating new content? Try posing images of the trade conventions. Anything that you may have live-tweeted about during the convention can be used for quotes along with the images as well. You’re goal is to make these people stay, visit again, and hopefully tell their friends about it s as well.

You know all of the stock photos that you see of trade shows and business representatives talking with potential customers? They come from somewhere! Take note! Make sure that you too, take pictures of all the happenings within your company’s booth. When people go to visit your business website or social media page, accompany their visit with images taken from the trade show. Display people viewing your booth, talking with business reps, and your business reps listening to the clientele. Also, try and give information regarding how many new customers and/or connections you made while at the convention.

When you have visitors at your booth, make sure that at some point during the dialogue you ask if they’d like to receive the company newsletter or any other type of free information. When a customer finds out what their email address will be used for, they’re more inclined to give it out to you.

These are just a few of the ways your business can continue to grow from a convention that has long since passed. Take advantage and watch your business grow!

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