14 Cities Now Offering Same-Day Amazon Prime Delivery for Free

Can you imagine being able to shop online, and get the things you ordered the very same day? Why would you ever leave your house to shop ever again? There would be no crowds, no lines to wait in, and you would never go to buy something just to find out the store you drove to doesn’t have it in stock, or have to politely sit through the sales person’s speech about how they can order it for you and have it to your house in 5 days.

Well, apparently that is actually a real thing. Amazon can get you the things you order on the exact day that you order them. Want to know what is even crazier? It is now 100% free if you live in one of 14 metropolitan areas that they are doing this in now.

To be able to take advantage of this wonderful service, you’ll have to order at least $35 worth of stuff and also be subscribed to Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime costs $99 a year, but now it seems like such a small price to pay for being able to get same day delivery for absolutely free. Some of the bigger cities that this service is available in include San Francisco, New York City, Los Angeles, Boston and Seattle/Tacoma.

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This is going to be a huge blow to physical stores. Really the only reason people go to stores anymore is because they aren’t very patient. And not being patient usually results in either disappointment, failure, embarrassment, or just not getting exactly what you want and regretting it later. Either way, it’s not a good situation. Not only that, but now there is another huge reason to subscribe to Amazon Prime. The more they do with it, the more it seems silly not to. And more benefits are sure to come as Amazon is always working on something else revolutionary for their customers.

Like I said, this same day free shipping is only available in 14 major cities and you can check if you qualify by entering your zip code here. BUT, the chances of this expanding are very real. I would expect the list of cities to keep growing at a pretty fast rate.

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