These Bad Habits Are Why Promotions Keep Slipping Through Your Fingers

Getting promotions and climbing your way up in the company are obviously a huge deal to basically anyone. It means more power, more influence, a great confidence boost, and a lot more money. Some people approach this by being quiet, doing their job, and waiting for someone to realize how long they have been working there and promote them just because it’s right. Others claw their way to the top like an angry, hungry tiger. Always finding ways to improve, always showing off their best skills, and doing whatever it takes to reach their goal as fast as possible.

No matter which one of these types of people you are, there are certain things you could be doing that are sabotaging your way to the top, and you might not even know it. Here are a few things you could be doing that are holding you back.

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1.) Taking Credit for Things You Didn’t Do

This is easy to do for a lot of people, and it might seem like an easy way to get some quick recognition. But, always remember that is the corniest thing you could ever do, and the people you are trying to impress know what you are doing. If you are working in a group setting, it is pretty easy to take credit for the goal you have all worked toward together. But at the end of the day, you just look like a clown. Clowns don’t get promotions.

2.) Showing Negativity

A lot of people who are eager to move up in the company resort to complaining about their current position or talking about the people they work with and pointing out their flaws. Or maybe they complain about how little they get paid and how they are worth much more.

No one wants to hear that, it isn’t inspiring. If you are a complainer now, chances are you always will be, no matter what position you are in. Instead of talking about all of the negative things that drive you toward a promotion, talk about all of the positive reasons you would like to move up and how you can help.

3.) Not Thinking Ahead

A lot of people get wrapped up in the idea of getting a new promotion without actually thinking about if it is right for them. What will you do when you work so hard, excel at everything you are currently responsible for, finally get your promotion… and then you actually have no idea how to deal with anything you are now responsible for?

A lot of people don’t aim for the correct promotions, and it comes back to bite them. If you want a promotion, make sure you think about whatever new responsibilities you will have and make sure that you can handle them before you decide to start working your butt off for that position.

4.) Overworking

This is one of the biggest, most odd things in the entire business world. We always think that if we work hard, always make progress, and surpass the rest of our peers that we will for sure get noticed. And if we are working so hard and doing more than what we get paid for, we are sure to get a promotion, right? Wrong.

I’ll never forget… I had a job when I was a younger guy. I worked my butt off every single day for 4 years. Talks of a promotion came up in light conversation sometimes, and I never pushed the issue and just waited patiently. After that 4th year, I just had to ask my boss after a long, hard and frustrating day. I said “why have I not been promoted yet, but other people who work less than me and haven’t been here as long have moved up?” my boss looked at me with a straight face and said “Jake, if you are doing all of the work that you would at a higher position and I don’t have to pay you any more… Why would I want to? It’s nothing personal, but think about it from my perspective”.

I had never been so shocked in my life. Long story short, don’t be me and don’t do these things if you really want, and deserve, that coveted promotion.

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