Turn Your Event Into A Living Work Of Art!

Brian Knep is a media artist whose works vary dramatically. Knep has projects that range from large-scale interactive installations to microscopic sculptures for nematodes. In addition to that, Knep was also the first artist-in-residence at Harvard Medical School where he worked hand-in-hand with scientists in order to explore alternative meanings and ways of connecting to the world.

One of his latest projects is the Healing Series. The pieces in this series explore interaction and integration and are composed of interactive floor projections with patterns that change in response to visitors. The technology is actually pretty cool. When visitors walk across the display, the patterns pull away, creating wounds. When left alone, the patterns grow to cover these wounds though each piece sees the patterns grow back in different ways.

Knep uses two Mac Pro computers to generate images based on crowd size and movement. The movement is then detected by ceiling-mounted  cameras and projected from a ceiling-mounted projector. The two Mac Pro rentals that Knep acquired from Rentacomputer run software that creates the changing images.

To learn more about the Healing Series and all of Brian Knep’s other artworks you can visit his website.

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