What You Need to Know About HD Monitors And Rentals

Do you still rent or own a low resolution or “standard definition” monitor? By now most people have heard of HDTV, QLED 4k (Quantum dot LED), or even UHDTV (Ultra High Definition) because the majority of the television displays owned or displayed today are high-def.

However, when it comes to monitors, users often overlook what the resolution of their screens are. This is probably due to the fact that monitors are often times used for business purposes, where the importance of high definition can be overlooked.

What a lot of businesses fail to realize is that a monitor is a window to your product and your brand. A monitor rental allows you to display marketing advertisements about your company, your brand, and your product. In addition to that, you can also throw up videos on a monitor or demonstrations, which can really draw the eye of potential customers.

High definition (HD) is a broad term, encompassing the sizes of slightly varying native resolutions. Most commonly found resolutions that are considered HD are:
1280×720, or 720p
1920×1080, or 1080i
1920×1080 Progressive, or 1080p
3840 × 2160 for Ultra HD  (4K)

Now you’re probably wondering what the “p” and “i” after the resolution count are, these are Progressive and Interlaced scanning. Which is better? Progressive is known to have a faster, more crystal clear picture and is also much less prone to screen blurring.

Nationwide HD Display Rentals Delivered Locally from Rentacomputer!

Renting a monitor for your event is the perfect marketing tool. An HD monitor allows you to display bright, crisp images and video that are a real eye catcher at any event. And if you truly want to stand out, don’t just go with one or two HD monitors, why not rent an entire HD video wall?! An HD video wall is truly a sight to behold and will definitely give your event an added look of professionalism and that “wow” factor that will truly set you apart from the competition!

If you’re looking for HD monitors to rent for your next presentation, convention or training session, the Tech Travel Agents with Rentacomputer.com can help you out with a rental of nearly any quantity! Rentacomputer also rents other displays such as LED, LCD and plasma.

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