Tablet And iPad Rentals For Political Canvassing

The election season is starting to ramp up. Hopeful Presidential Candidates are coming out on all sides of the political spectrum and campaign managers and teams are working hard gathering information and data, taking surveys, and promoting their candidates for the coming election.

While phone calls and door-to-door questionnaires used to be the go-to methods for political canvassing, things have gotten exponentially easier thanks to current technology like iPads or tablets. With a couple of iPads or tablets, a survey app, and people who are willing and able to go out and recruit supporters, you can gather more data in less time!

Save time, money, and hassle

A few pre-configured, tested iPad Rentals are perfect for political opinion polling. An iPad or tablet rental allows you to take advantage of the technology you need when and where you need it. Purchasing iPads for political canvassing doesn’t make financial sense as you only need them for a short amount of time. These rentals allow you to have the iPads or tablets for the exact length you need them, saving you from having a very expensive set of coffee table coasters during the off months. Not to mention, when you rent your tech from, you’ll get the most up to date devices and software that are available.

Load your devices up with the latest software

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There are a lot of political software and apps currently available on today’s market. Organizer, a new startup company, created the smartphone app Electionear back in 2012. This app aims to take documents and instructions that are mainly paper-based and make them digital and mobile. The app offers door-to-door canvassers a clear set of instructions along with an easy way to collect data. The script delivered is dynamic and offers instructions tailored to the responses that the canvasser enters. Once the canvasser has finished at one location, the app gives directions to the next stop.

Ground Game is another great mobile canvassing app. Version 2.0 includes an extensive list of improvements and enhancements that offer a clear advantage for your political campaign. This app gives volunteers direct access to campaign-generated walking lists, voter survey questionnaires, regularly-updated registered voter data from L2 and interactive maps.

Collect unbiased opinions with self-serve

Another great way to gather more votes is to offer a self-serve option. Using self-serve options to conduct opinion polling allows campaigns to collect less biased opinions from those attending their party events and campaign rallies. Studies show when voters are approached directly by campaign workers or party affiliates with survey questions, they are less likely to give a true account of their opinion. Learn more about making political polling easier with self-serve iPad or tablet kiosks here.

Still not sure about your rental? Learn how to speak to voters by equipping your grassroots team with the information they need to spread your campaign message.

An iPad Rental or Tablet Rental from can come ready for field surveys and political canvassing. Apps, like Electioneer, Ground Game and SurveyPocket, can all be pre-installed along with any other software or apps that you may need. In addition to that, your iPad or tablet rentals can be delivered right to your campaign office, headquarters, or anywhere else you need them! iPad Rentals for Political Canvassing are the perfect short-term solutions for any campaign team!

Rent with Tony

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