How Women Can Boost Their Event Careers

Event management is a great, fast-paced career, that gives both men and women wonderful opportunities for career growth. Females make up the majority of event managers, but according to a study by PCMA, women’s average salary in the meetings industry is around 24% lower than what the average man makes. This article is going to show women how to improve their careers and stand out more than men in this industry.

Learning and developing as you go gets you ahead in your career. You need to take advantage of any opportunity you get to learn and take any new experiences you have and turn them into learning experiences. Take any tough and challenging situation and learn from it in a positive way.

Something else that you can do to learn is by visiting your local community colleges or small business associations. A lot of these offer free or discounted workshops on business topics that can help you as an event manager.

A great free way to learn is via online resources. If you look into archives and free reports, you’ll be amazed at how quick and easy it is to learn something new. A lot of websites also provide online videos, webinars, ebooks and tons of articles that you can use to learn more about event planning, event management, business, and customer service. You want to take advantage of any opportunity you can to get ahead of the game!

You should always ask for more responsibilities. Most of the time you can get more responsibility and money by just asking for it. Research done by Hewlett-Packard states that most women only apply for jobs that they are a 100%  match for, while men often apply for jobs in which they may not meet even 60% of the requirements.

No matter what, women need to gain a lot more confidence and go for those opportunities that may seem impossible to them. It may seem a bit challenging to step outside of your comfort zone, but if you’re willing to do it for your clients and events, then you should want to do it to boost your career.

If you’re looking to be your own boss, CEO, lady in charge, etc… and you’ve heard the saying, “if you want it done right, then you have to do it yourself,” then take matters into your own hands. You should start your own business and see the success you can make.

If starting your own business is rather a new idea for you, you can always speak with local business owners for their advice on how to get started and what you should know. You could also take a local entrepreneurship course to see what responsibilities come with owning your own business.

Even if you aren’t the big boss in a business, you should always show confidence and authority. Always show that you can handle tasks you are given. Be sure to take responsibility when you do something wrong and ownership when you do something great. Those in positions higher than you in the company will eventually notice and may even give you room to advance within the company for more responsibility and maybe even a pay increase.

So all in all, if you are willing to put forth the confidence and hard work, you can succeed in your career. There’s always room to advance and grow. You just need to overcome the obstacles and look toward your goals that you are hoping to get to in the end. It all starts with passion and a great work ethic.

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