Apple Debuts Magic Trackpad 2 For iMac

Have you tried out Apple’s new pressure-sensitive Force Touch technology on the new MacBook? If you have and you like the way it feels then you will probably like the fact you can now get this exact same effect on your Apple desktop computer. That’s right Apple just released its all new Magic Trackpad 2, which supports Force Touch, for $129 through the company’s online and retail stores.

What this means is that the trackpad is able to sense how hard you are pressing down on it and even where specifically you are pressing it. You can also press down harder in order to access different features as opposed to simply tapping and swiping. The new Magic Trackpad 2 also comes with rechargeable batteries that are said to last about a month before needing to be recharged. According to Apple, the new and improved trackpad is 30% larger than the previous model too.

This marks the first time Apple has brought Force Touch to the iMac. In the past, Force Touch was only built in Apple’s 12-inch MacBook, the newest MacBook Pro models, and the Apple Watch. Force Touch on the iMac brings a new gesture to the Mac OS X known as Force Click. To use Force Click, press the trackpad and apply more pressure in order to create a clicking effect.

Force Click, aside from sounding like the worst Star Wars force power ever, unlocks a couple of handy shortcuts, including the ability to see a Maps preview of a certain location, preview a certain file without opening it, or see more details about a calendar event or a reminder without opening it.

Like I mentioned earlier, the Apple Watch was the first device to come with Force Touch and, since then, it seems as if Apple is trying to add pressure sensitivity to most of its major products, including the new MacBook and the MacBook Pro. In addition to these products, the newly released iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus have also been given a similar pressure-sensitive feature known as 3D Touch, which has features including the ability for you to press down on the phone’s screen to preview text messages and access parts of an app without opening it.

Sure the price point is a little steep, but then again this is an Apple product so did you really expect anything less? If you are a fan of the new Force Touch technology on some of Apple’s mobile products and you are looking for the same type of technology on your Apple desktop, then the new Magic Trackpad 2 is definitely what you’re looking for.

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