Simple Health and Fitness Tips For Eventprofs

Health and Fitness Tips for Event ProfessionalsIf you’re an event professional, then you know that keeping up with the proper health and fitness is important. If you risk your wellbeing, then you may risk the quality of your events. Here are a few simple ways in keeping you motivated to stay fit and healthy along the way!

Start Your Day Early

Starting on your wellness program early will help you stay consistent with it. If you get your workout done early in the day, you won’t have to worry about trying to fit in a quick workout session somewhere in your busy schedule. Getting up early every day may not sound too appealing to you but it will help you make time for your fitness.

Don’t Forget To Eat

More often than not we get so wrapped up in our events and planning that we, or our staff, don’t have time to stop and eat a decent meal. Try setting an alarm or chart on when you or others get a chance to take a break from the hectic event and sit down to take care of your basic health needs.

Basic Workout Routine

While you’re traveling or staying in a hotel for an event, it can sometimes be hard to find a gym or fitness center. In case you can’t find one, you should create your own basic workout routine using body weight workouts. Try putting squats, burpees, push-ups and pull-ups in your workout.

Stay Hydrated

Event profs tend to get so wrapped up in their jobs that they also forget to drink enough water. This may not seem like a big deal, but try to carry a refillable water bottle around with you during the event. Keep up on filling the water bottle often and make sure you’re drinking plenty of water. You need to stay healthy, hydrated, and nourished!

Good Quality Sleep

Finding enough time for a good night’s rest is easier said than done. You have so much on your mind and so much to do with planning your event that you end up having a short moment of resting your eyes and then it’s back to work. Plan ahead for some quality time to sleep before, during, and after your event. You can’t run forever on extra espresso coffee. More hours to sleep can increase your happiness and help you have the energy to accomplish all you need to do.

Manage Stress

Face it, no one likes to work with someone who is completely stressed out all the time. A MAJOR part of maintaining your health is keeping an eye on your anxiety level. Once again, very much easier said than done, but you should always take a couple of minutes to meditate or step outside and get some fresh air. This will help you lead a healthier lifestyle and make you feel a lot better.

We all know how stressful and tiring it can be, planning events. You just need to make some “ME” time and focus on your health and fitness. Your wellbeing is more important than that event and it doesn’t take a lot to keep up with yourself.

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