Reducing Stress In Under 10 Minutes

Admit it, we ALL get a bit stressed every now and then. Some more than others. If you aren’t very good at handling stress, or even tend to let your stress build up over time like I do, then you would be more than happy to take notes on what could help you. Here are 5 easy methods of helping you ease some of that stress.

1.) Listen To Music

Music is known to affect us emotionally, so it’s a simple tool for easing stress. The genre that seems to have the most effect at soothing our souls is classical music. You don’t have to force yourself to like classical if you don’t like it. Just listen to what music manages to calm you down the most. The point of it all is to make you more relaxed.

2.) Write In A Journal

Journaling is a way to get your feelings written down in black and white, right in front of you, so you can find the core of the issue and work at fixing it. It can even help when you aren’t sure what the problem really is. Writing down everything can help you see deeper into what’s going on around you. Almost like talking about our problems, you just write them down and work on them yourself.

3.) Meditate

When you feel like your brain is starting to overheat, try meditating. Meditation helps quiet your thoughts when you just can’t seem to think straight anymore. If you ever think you’re in a situation where you don’t think it’s appropriate to sprawl out on the floor and meditate, don’t view it as that! Meditating can be as simple as stopping what you’re doing, close your eyes, concentrate on your breathing and focus on you, NOT the thoughts racing through your head. It only takes a couple of minutes and you will feel loads better!

4.) Call Your Mom

Yes, you read that correctly! Running away from your problems may seem like the easy way out, but talking out the situation can help you and your problem, right then and there. Who is that one person that’s always been there for you, that’s always picked you up and dusted you off. That’s right, MOM! Studies have shown that calling your mom can help decrease stress hormones and release oxytocin, a chemical in your brain that gives you a sense of good feelings. When in doubt, CALL YOUR MOM!

5.) Go For A Walk

This is one of the most effective methods, for me, that helps reduce my stress. Just being out in nature and doing a light, physical activity, like walking, can be extremely peaceful. Walking can decrease tension and stress levels. Walking outside, gives you the power of nature all around you. Focus on the sun shining on you, or the birds chirping in the trees next to you. Sometimes I even like to listen to music on some of my walks, it’s almost like a double stress reliever for me. Walking combines two powerful and positive things that increase tranquility and balance mood.

All of these help me reduce my anxiety and tension. Don’t give up if you try one and it doesn’t work. You just need to find which ones work best for you and keep up with them. You can even do some research on more ideas on how to lower your stress levels.

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