How To Increase Email Responses

Increase Your Email ResponsesIf you want to ensure that your email persuasion is on point then you have to realize that it is all about what you say and when you say it. Things like what day of the week it is, how frequently you’re communicating, the consistency in your tone, and the appropriate amount of simplicity are all factors in one’s ability to persuade someone through a written document. These are the key variables that help you create an influential email. Regardless of whether you are in sales, searching for a job, or are trying to get people to understand one of your marketing campaigns, conformity to these factors of persuasion is essential.

Timing Is Critical

Studies have shown that if you are trying to get a good amount of responses from an email then sending it out on a Monday is literally the worst option. Most people like to start their week productively so if you are sending a quick email then that is fine. However, anything more than a simple “Everything is great, I’ll follow up later” is something to avoid. In fact, waiting one whole day increases your chances a lot as statistics have shown that Tuesday is the day that most emails are opened in corporate America than any other day of the week. It has also been discovered that Tuesday is also the best day to inform people of things.

Trying to persuade someone to take action should be something you do later in the week. Giving clients a full update on Tuesday for a project status works though it is not recommended that you try to get your client to agree to a major decision that same day. If you are trying to close a contract or get a budget approved, it has been discovered that people are more receptive to taking this kind of action later on in the week, like on Thursday or Friday. Stats have also shown that people are more like to respond to an email if it arrives around the time they take lunch. Regardless of what day you send the email, less formal is more persuasive. If you have to write up something formal then attach that in a separate document. People are persuaded by the people to whom  they relate to and like.

What You Say Is Key

One thing you need to understand is the power of “because”. When you are requesting things you will be more persuasive when you tell the person why you are making your request. Studies show that using the word “because” in an email is more than 31% more effective when looking for compliance as opposed to leaving the word out. Another thing that could help is telling a short story about a past client or co-worker that is similar to the one you are currently talking to. When the client can relate to a situation it allows you to keep an email simple and interesting while also emotionally engaging.

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Commitment and consistency are also key. Your drive to be and appear consistent constitutes a very powerful social media tool which can cause people to act in ways that are contrary to our own best interests. Personal consistency is something that has high value in our culture and it is also a significant persuasion tool when dealing with clients, co-workers, subordinates, or bosses. It also provides us with a reasonable and gainful orientation to the real world. Without consistency, the lives of the clients would be very hard and crazy, which would make it increasingly difficult to get them on your side. This is why inconsistent responses to emails or a major change in tone from email to email should be avoided at all costs!

In Conclusion

The only way to get people to do what you want them to do is to make them want to do it. Of all the base human desires we possess is the desire to feel important. Regardless of if it is in an email or in person, it is almost impossible to persuade someone if he or she thinks that you don’t care. So, follow these tips and you will be well on your way to increasing your email responses in no time!

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